Welcome to the Performance Laboratory

The Performance Laboratory is a performance series that happens every other month at Contemporary Art Institute Detoit’s (CAID) division detroit contemporary on 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd in Woodbridge, Detroit. Co-curated by Emilia Javanica and Carrie Morris, this event invites Detroit area artists to create theme-based 10-minute pieces that explore the artistic possibilities of performance.

Opening in March 2010

Carrie Morris

Mary Beth Carolan

Emilia Javanica

Kathy Leison and Ben Hernandez

Spontaneous Art

The Hinterlands

Emilia Javanica

Emilia Javanica

Becky Poole

Tzarinas of the Plane

Adrianne Finelli

Carrie Morris


Audience at the "Water Show"

Jordan Schug

Stephen Dueweke

Carisa Bledsoe

Carrie Morris

Emilia Javanica

Audience at the "Death Show"



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