Call for Submissions: The Performance Laboratory’s December show, “APOCALYPSE!!!”

December 21, 2012 is the predicted date of the end of the world. Precisely a week after the date when the Performance Laboratory will hold our next event…… ! With the predictions piling up, it’s difficult to know what to believe. Is the Earth really going to burn up in 2012? Is Winter Solstice actually going to catapult into a solar shift, bringing with it solar storms, severe earthquakes and utter chaos? Is human consciousness about to shift to a whole new level? Will we all be dead before we know it??!!! With the questions looming, perhaps the Performance Laboratory is about to shift into a whole new level too. Taking place exactly a week before the predicted date of demise and chaos, it must be a sign from the other world that the Performance Laboratory’s December 2012 event must be a good one, no the BEST one, just in case it’s the LAST one…………..

Calling all performers to submit a proposal to present at the December 14 show. Performances must be 10 minutes or less, and encompass the experimental possibilities of what performance is in its broadest form. Email us 3-sentence description of your proposed performance, a 2-sentence bio + any visual inspiration NOW!! : After all, it could be your last chance…


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