The Performance Laboratory presents: THE SMALL SHOW

Friday, April 19 @ 8PM
Detroit Contemporary
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd.

As we get ready to emerge out of our cocoons and embrace a long-awaited spring, the small show reminds us to look down at what may be our feet, to embrace the little bits of flower pollen that float past us unseen in the air, to let fresh dirt fall between our fingertips and to appreciate the little things in life.

Featuring performances by:
M.H. Wong, Dr. Skipper, K.G. McGowan & Dornhuber Bellesiles
Julian Sharifi
Nick Bitonti & Nick Pobutsky
Saramin & Hudpucker
Naia Venturi
Rebekka Parker

The Performance Laboratory is an interdisciplinary performance series established in March 2011 at Detroit Contemporary. Encouraging original works and the exploration of new ideas, The Performance Laboratory aims to facilitate impassioned dialogue around the possibilities that lie within performance. Our goal is to offer a consistent venue for ideas to be shared and developed, new artistic partnerships to be made, and a supportive and diverse community to gather. The Performance Laboratory is co-curated by Carrie Morris & Emilia Javanica.

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