The Performance Laboratory call for submissions:
THE SEA…… pirates, starfish, shipwrecks, octopus, tsunami, scuba diving, snorkeling, coral, sun-bathing, Baywatch, drowning, The Little Mermaid, jellyfish, Titanic, cruise-ships, fishing, seaweed, water, whales, submarines, Sponge Bob, waves, sand, trade routes, deep blue…..Calling all performers to submit a proposal to present at the October 18th show. Performances must be 10 minutes or less, and encompass the experimental possibilities of what performance can be, using any variety of mediums.

Email us a 3-sentence proposal with a list of collaborators and their 1-sentence bios by Tuesday, October 1st. Please include any sketches, images or seeds of inspiration. Works-in-progress encouraged- this is a laboratory!!!!

The Performance Laboratory is an interdisciplinary performance series established in March 2011 at Detroit Contemporary. Encouraging original works and the exploration of new ideas, The Performance Laboratory aims to facilitate impassioned dialogue around the possibilities that lie within performance. Our goal is to offer a consistent venue for ideas to be shared and developed, new artistic partnerships to be made, and a supportive and diverse community to gather. The Performance Laboratory is co-curated by Carrie Morris & Emilia Javanica.



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