The Delusional Show

Friday, April 18 at 8pm
1515 Broadway
Detroit, MI 48226
Admission FREE, donations accepted.
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Featuring performances by:
-Rory Golden
-The Commotion Collective of Toledo, OH
-Laura Pazuchowski
-Emilia Javanica

Defined in 1913 by psychiatrist and philosopher Karl Jasper, the criteria for delusions are:
-beliefs held with absolute conviction, despite evidence to the contrary
-beliefs that are impossible, false of content or bizarre
Furthermore, delusions that involve value judgements are only thought to be delusions if they are so extreme that they cannot be proven true. For example, a man saying he has flown to the sun and back would be considered delusional because we have no way to prove if he did or didn’t.

Delusions come in several types, based around a variety of themes, and in some cases turn out to be a true belief. This is known as the Martha Mitchell effect, an attorney general’s wife who alleged that illegal activity was taking place in the White House and was declared delusional until Watergate broke, proving her sane.