The Performance Laboratory invites submissions for our July event,

the NASTY show

Feeling nasty? Icky dirty squirmy wild funky down with that unbelievably into weird things grimy sweaty gross ewwww that is so gross. Or perhaps itchy bitchy you don’t want to mess with me he said she said behind her back in front of everyone else mean evil cruel they are so freaking cruel. Nasty girl nasty boy nasty sandwich nasty teacher nasty house nasty bus driver nasty people nasty dog nasty politics nasty worm nasty city nasty smell nasty couple nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty.

Come down and get NASTY with us. Performances must be 10 minutes or less, and encompass the experimental possibilities of what performance can be, using any variety of mediums. The NASTY show is scheduled for Friday, July 18th at 8pm, with tech on Thursday, July 18th from 7-10pm.

Email us a 3-sentence proposal with a list of collaborators and their 1-sentence bios by Wednesday, July 2nd. Please include any sketches, images or seeds of inspiration. Works-in-progress encouraged- this is a laboratory!!!!